IntoWorld conducts world-class, custom, primary, quantitative and qualitative research, combined with in-depth secondary research of global business and consumer markets, to:


  Validate your target market, test new product concepts, and determine optimal price points


  Accurately forecast consumer demand, new product sales volume, revenue and market share


  Empower global enterprises with strategic knowledge, understanding, and "Insights Into World Markets”



IntoWorld is the parent company of the following subsidiary companies:


  Inventurepreneur - Network of Entrepreneurs who invent, create, design, develop, market, sell and profit from their own innovations.


Techxellent Products - Brings innovative new products to global consumer and business markets.


Bike Different - Designs, manufactures, distributes and sells innovative recumbent bicycles, components and accessories to world markets.


For more information on IntoWorld, please contact:


Christopher Lucas

President, IntoWorld

+1 831 234 4288


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